I am so many things you still can’t unbrick.

“I’m a poet they conclude,
hoping to live a fantasy none could pull,
but I term myself as a writer
who pens down occassionally,
much of which is an inbuilt;
also an architect they should include,
the creator of infrastructures,
that a very few could build.

I immerse deep into delusional thoughts
they can’t refuse,
at times writing is my therapist
that makes me who i am,
moulding me into a human
to contemplate the mankind’s
unfolded intuitions,
for i am so many things you still can’t unbrick.

You would call me an introvert
stubborn, not easy to handle.
It happens, because you never know
how I conquer the feelings concurrently
without anyone’s interruption,
musing hard on every nature’s species
a tree or animal, a river or rock.
We reflect ourselves,
in the position of many,
for I am so many things you still can’t unbrick.

I’m a writer who fantasizes,
an architect who builds up the frame,
a therapist too, to introspect your notions,
and many more, you can never ever imagine,
for I am so many things you still can’t unbrick.”

Many of you would have thought atleast once, that why do writers live their lives very differently and why do they think and act unlike others.
As a reader gets involved in an author’s story, the writers introspect into the life of many. They get into the shoes of others, look at their lives, think about their problems and worry about it, same as the sufferer and tranform them into words.

Had a great expearience with Mr. Adam @the_bird_talks who inititated for a collaboration, in order to express our love and gratitude to every poets and writers around the world.
The poem is pretty long but do spare some time as it’s worth reading.

71 years of Independence

Years of struggle and sacrifice,
she suffered death with her eyes open wide.
She saw her people being brutally killed,
their voices screeched over the horizon,
no one to ask for, no one to plead for.

Though non-violence was her people’s motive,
Killing and harming were never their weapons,
even when they were stamped deep into the dust.

When they stood together it happened,
at a midnight,
which would have been only a dream,
if we weren’t unite.
India taught us “If it’s meant to happen, it will”.
India advices us “To aspire for the best”,
and India wishes us
“Let the nation prosper in unity”.

Vande Mataram.


Michelle Obama has once said “You have to stay in school. You have to go to college. You have to get your degree. Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education. And it’s worth the investment”. I totally agree with her words and all of us do. Every students join in college with lots of expectations and desires. But you have to make sure that the college or university you choose has all the potential to carve you out into a better person with a better mindset.

I came to know more about Christ University through my cousins and friends. My own sister is a Christ alumni, and she was the one who gave me the complete picture of this renowned and one among the best universities in India. I have also heard people telling that Christ is the best college to send your child to, in order to mold him out into an outstanding student. Thus I stepped in with all great expectations and hopes of acheiving great heights in life. The orientations and all other sessions made me realize that I have come to the right place I can ever be in, and also felt thankful to everyone who suggested me to pursue my degree here.

Do you aspire to be an outstanding personality in the society? Do you wish to contribute highly to the economy with all your skills and talents? Do you feel that your personality has to be improved to be more successful in life? Do you feel that you aren’t enough capable or insecured to stand alone in this developing world with others? If yes, get into Christ University which offers you tonnes of oppurtunities and the only role you have is to grab those opputunities at the right time. Christ believes in ‘Service and Excellence‘ and they make sure that the promise made is the promise kept.

I have been in Christ for the past 2 years and this is my final year of Degree. Being a Commerce student, there are some areas I have to focus on. There are some skills in me whichĀ  has to be developed and various other to be discovered. After being graduated or after being placed in a company, I have to be enough confident in myself that I can contribute something big to the society. With great credence I promise you that Christ is the best nurturing ground I have ever got in life and if I am able to claim it within a span of two years, then that is something really incredible.

Since the day one, I have been seeing every faculty and students busily getting involved in one or other programmes and the whole campus stays active throughout the year. There would be some or other events taking place everywhere. Christ gives more importance on studies and educational aspects of the students, but along with which they have also been able to promote dance, music, sports, drama, street play, art, and many other areas of interests, through which millions of students were able to explore and follow their passion. The fests which take place with a months gap, have always got us too much excited, eventhough we aren’t a part of it. Christ is more like a festival when all these events take place.

Some students feel reluctant to join in Christ because for an outsider, Christ is more like a work place, where you have to come in proper dress code, CIAs to be completed within the specified time, less number of holidays, summer internship projects and many more. Even me and my friends have worried thinking about it all. But later on our teachers made us realize that being a part of Christ is one of the best decisions we have ever taken in life. Just imagine that you are in some other college where you have all the freedom to enjoy life without any restrictions and workload. Do you think you’ll be able to cope up with the complexity and stress the life is going to offer in the future? Never. As we say “Practise makes a man perfect”, Christ follows the same strategy of making us recognize the troubles and toil that we have to face in the outer world some day. We found it true, when we had our internship projects during our vacation, where the Christites were highly punctual, disciplined and well-mannered. As we are brought up in such a way, the works assigned to us were never a burden and were able to complete the works within the given time.

As I mentioned before, the oppurtunities you get here, will be surely added to your resume through which the corporate concerns will also discover your potentials and abilities. There are many events being conducted during various fests, in which majority of students participate with all enthusiasm. Let it be curricular or co-curricular activities, if you have the talent, then exhibit it and you’ll get rewarded. Christ not only makes the good one better, but is also keen in discovering the hidden talents within you and in finding your path of career.

Do you aspire to make your dreams a reality? Is your ambition to achive a great position in life? Do you think of developing your personality for a better you, in the corporate world? If your aim is to transform your life into something you haven’t even imagined of, then Christ Univeristy will help you to create a difference in life. All you have to do is aim high and work hard for it, Christ will do the rest.


5 ways you can use summer vacations to develope your child’s personality.

Kids wait hard for their summer vacations to arrive, so that they could have intense fun keeping their books and stress apart. So it’s the parents duty to help them make their holidays productive!
Summer vacations are the best time of the year, where the schools leave the kids free from all the homeworks and exams. Every kid awaits for the holidays to arrive in order to get out and have fun with friends all day long. Being children they mayn’t know how to make their vacations way more productive than the previous ones. Thus they would only think about fetching their friends to play outside as soon as the sun rises.

The parents play a vital role in making their holidays way more meaningful. You would have thought that letting your child play outside the whole time and getting him tanned and weak isn’t the right way. Don’t worry anymore. I’ll help you out to make your kid’s vacation a fun-filled and at the same time to develope his personality within a span of few months.

1.Play with them because kids never differentiate people:

Many parents find it awkward and immature to play with their little ones. It’s the most inappropriate thought you have, because only when the kids find no one to play with at home, they go out and feel like being with friends everytime. Always do remember that parents are the best friends a child should possess. Try to create a friendly bond with them so that they would approach you first at any point of time. Indulge yourself with them in playing indoor or outdoor games and let them think that ‘being at home is the best feeling ever.’


2.Take them out for picnics or long trips, let them discover the outer world.

I always prefer to take children out for picnics and tours because that’s how they will learn about various things they have been taught at school. It’s the parents responsibility to know their kid’s interests and plan the vacations according to it. Try to go on a trip abroad or nearby places and let your child observe the different cultures, traditions, languages and people around them. Because getting to know unknown people is the best way to develope their level of humaity and respect for others. It’s from you they have to learn all values of life. If that seems inconvinient, then you can also plan for a picnic- carry the food basket to munch on some delicious food, a camera to capture the memories and let them have fun with the nature.



3. Understand their passion:

Every person has their own interests and passions. Summer vacations are for just 2 months and it’s the only time the kids get to have fun and relax. If your child is interested in music, dance, painting, cooking or whatever it may be, talk about it and never force them to go for something they haven’t shown any interest in. Likewise they would get more happier in acheiving a goal in life and then you’ll witness them growing excellent, developing both in the academics and their passion.



4.Keep them away from electronic gadgets:

According to my own perspective, childhood is the best stage of life. In order to keep it colorful and memorable, you have to make your children think out of the box, rather than keeping them locked inside the four walls of a room. Always make sure that your kids aren’t addicted to moblie phones and other gadgets and provide them with papers, paints, board games etc so that they could deviate their minds into a better path. Teach them DIY’s so that they could make things by themselves and that would develope their sense of independability, making them more responsible in life. Teach them cooking, planting, fishing etc. through which they’ll get to know the value of helping others and to be more good in life.



5.Good communication leads to a good relationship:

Only when the parents and kids open up to each other, the family life goes on well. Always do keep in mind that kids would have lots of doubts and confusions to be sorted out and many stories to be shared. Try to make yourself that person your kid could approach first because parents are the best friends a child could get. You would be busy with work, would get phone calls in between, still try to be with them as much as possible, so that they could run to you whenever in need. This will continue even when they have grown up, by which you would teach them how important it is to respect their parents and elder ones, and how strongly the decisions made by the parents would influence in their lives.


These are some of the ways through which you can make your child’s holidays more meaningful and unforgettable. Let vacations be not just playing out in the sun, make it fruitful by teaching them the values of life and to get blended into the nature. Let them grow as a human and not as a spoon-fed kid, knowing nothing. Because it’s you the parents who can truly guide their lives, teaching them the best way to act and the best way to lead.

What Life Has Taught Me.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; Its all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

-Marcus Aurelius-

I hope my last post (Its never too late to fix your life) has helped atleast a few among you to change your own perspective about your lives. If I was able to create a change in someone, then i believe that more changes are yet to happen in more people. If you ask me to quote my own life, i would say “life is a tricky maze. It confuses you at every phase of life. It could be the decisions you take in your career, the life partner you choose or even your choice of friends.” Since childhood I have grown up seeing people worrying about different matters that completely shatters their peace of living. I do wonder how different everyone’s life is. That’s the main reason behind people not being able to consider other people’s grieves. Only when you step into another person’s life, you’ll come to know how less miserable your life has been.

What my life has taught me:

1. Never depend on someone who always wishes to hurt you.

Why cant you ignore the ones who always make you cry? It would be because you never wish to loose people from your life. But that makes you go behind them even if they hurt you thousand times. Respect yourself and your dignity. Your life isn’t meant to be sad all the time. Being independent and ignoring the ones who aren’t meant for you is the first step to be taken.

2. When you feel sad, think about the ones who never have a chance to be happy in life.

We are living in a world where numerous distressful incidents take place. We have heard about the bomb attacks by terrorists, disturbing lives of Syrians, hopeless lives of Africans and many more. Sometimes the person next to you would be going through a lot in his life. Keeping all this in mind just compare your life with their’s and you will figure out how silly your matter of sadness is.

3. The rescuers.

Just imagine your last moment when your were in utter depression and the person who tried his best to make you happy. How blessed you are to have such people around you. Remember that when a group of people hurt you, on the other side you also have some pure souls to console you. No man is left alone. There are people who were born to be yours. Find them out , respect them and treat them the same way they treat you.

4. Be optimistic- ‘always’!

I love people who seek everything with a positive attitude. What you gonna earn from it is way more higher than what you get when being pessimistic in life. I have seen people who always criticize and complaint about everything. Never be with such people because they are enough capable in influencing you to be more like them. Being optimistic will help you figure out the good side of people and lead a happy life indeed.

5. Never sit idle.

Being lazy in life helps you think bad about others, figure out only the negative aspects, makes your life dead and loose all hopes in life. Is that the way you have dreamt about your life? I always mention that our life is too short. After many years when you turn back and take a look at it, you should get amazed seeing how wonderfully you have lived. That brings in more happiness, inspiring you to live further.

6. The power of a good nap.

Since a long time, I have been surprised to know how a good sleep can sort out my problems. Next time when you are done with a fight with someone, go to bed. When you wake you will feel much better which is comparatively the best thing to be done that thinking about it the whole time and turning it out worst.

7. Open up

Another medicine to cure your depression is to open up your mind to someone close. Dont pile up things in mind. Same as an electronic device even our mind has got a storage capacity. By sharing problems with someone who can really understand you and advise you to lead a better life, would help you deal it. Maybe that advise would be the turning point of your life.

8. Find out a good listener

Imagine that you are with your friend and you are sharing your problem to him. Meanwhile he gets distracted or would be busy on his phone, how angry would you be. Such an instance will make you feel that no one out there is enough bothered about you. And likewise you would transpire into a lonely soul. As Calvin Coolidge said “It takes a great man to be a good listener” . And make sure that your conversation is not completely filled with complaints and greivances. You have to be enough courteous to hear the other person too. What to give is what you receive.

9. Be productive and committed.

First of all you have to understand how valuable your life is. Being regretful of not doing anything in life is an utter waste. Meanwhile try to do something productive. It needn’t be a source of earning every time. Find out your interests. It could be anything; reading books or painting or writing or games or cooking. Indulge in it and you’ll realize how productively you have used your time and thus you’ll appear way more happier.

10. Self-respect

You have your own dignity and value of life. When a person keeps on hurting your feelings, he’s actually finding out happiness in deteroiting your life. You have got your own freedom to lead your life. It shouldnt always go according to someone else’s words. Beacause it’s you who know how deeply you have been wounded and how stronger you have to become.

11. Dont take rejections personally.

Life offers you both joy and sorrows. And mostly its through people the life practices its principles. Therefore we would see people accepting and rejecting us later, which has to be considered as a normal phenomena of life. If we sob on every rejections, then life may not move on. All these are the learning expeariences life offers you. Accept them and learn from it.

12. Travel

Travelling has always been my stress-buster. Whenever i feel strained, i wish to go on a trip, which won’t happen all the time. Still whenever I am on a trip, i try to occupy the window seat, be awake all the time, running my eyes through each and every things outside, feeling the breeze, listening the music being played and somehow creating my own private space to reflect. People asks me why i dont speak much while in a journey. Thats because its the only time when i question myself and find solutions for it. Travelling alone has helped me a lot as there would be no one to distract me. Travelling is almost similar to meditation; where the intention of both is to make you understand your inner self.

13. Dont hold grudges:

I have seen people who keeps on complaining and cursing the other person after being rejected. Does that make sense? While making every curse you are actually poisoning your own mind. And you are also thinking about that person all the time, which can take you into a tale of woe. If someone doesn’t need you, leave them right at the path they left you. And live your life for the ones who need you.

14. Be yourself:

I know people who always try to be like someone else. Every person has their own identity. Building up your own personality will help you to be unique in life. Consider our freedom fighters, social activists, successful entreprenuers or film stars, all have their own selfhood and never tries to be like somone else. Show the world how its to be unique and different.

15. Sense of equality:

Being an important factor, treating evryone equally is the best deed you can ever do in life. Woman or man, rich or poor, young or old, successful or jobless – no such classifications are to be made when you get closer with a person. I strongly believe that the skin tone of a person, his bank account balance or the luxuries a person enjoys aren’t what that determines his life. Its his way of being kind, respectful and good to others is what that matters. I always feel comfortable when I am with people who never boasts and praises about their possessions. I like to be with one who is humble and down to earth and never considers his own kind as a different creature.

Through this article I am just trying to convey that most of our lives are similar. When going through all these points you would have understood how alike our problems are. That’s how our lives are meant to be. As Morris West once said “If you spend your life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

It’s Never Too Late To Fix Your Life!


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“Life is precious, do not waste it doing anything that your heart does not respect or agree with.”

-Leon Brown-

Our lives are quite uncertain. We never know what would happen in the very next hour. However we move on with an optimistic mind, hoping for the good things to happen. Everyone wishes to live in extreme happiness and joy because that’s the only reason why we people aspire for a better tommorow. A life without contentment and satisfaction is not worth living.

Life is unpredictable, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the things to happen by itself. It’s your life and it’s you who have to decide what all deeds can make it a better one to think about. Every people have their own bucket lists of expeariences and acheivements to accomplish during their lifetime. Some people wish to travel the entire world before their last breathe. Whereas some people wish to be more successful in their profession and some to acheive greats heights in what they are passionate about or it would be even a desire to have a pet dog in life.

Your life is short. Even without knowing how many days are left for us to live, we claim that life is short. That means life is ‘too short’ for a person to acheive all his dreams and passion. I know people who are really talented but keep them hidden and live their life with no interests. Who is to be blamed is an unnecessary question here, because the reason for the unhapiness we suffer is we ourselves. Every human has got the power to make himself happy. Do things u love. Get out in rain and feel the nature. Go to rivers and hills, smell the freshness. Being in love with nature is the best medicine to be happy. I mention it so confidently because being in my hometown is the best proof I can ever give you. Being in this beautiful wonderland of lush green trees, uncrowded towns, less traffic, continuos rain, damp chill climate etc. is the best source of joy i can ever get in life.

I have witnessed people who live in utmost sadness and grief even when they have every chances to be happy in life. They live as if they have lost all signs of hope and no good things are left to happen. Do remember, at the end we’ll only regret the chances we didnt take. You would think that it’s quite easy for a person to console everyone. But even I go sad some days, but i recover soon only because of the good people around me. Every person has their own problems in life. There are a very few people i have, who are always there to understand my pain and be by my side. The effort they take to bring back my smile is what makes me love them the most. Something that astonishes me is that sometimes the people who are the reason for my tears, are the reason for my smile some other time. All do have those kind of people around you. Find them out and love them because they have proved you how big role they have played in your life.

Now I’m 21 and I always do wonder how fast life has gone. Similarily you’ll feel the same after a decade. It’s not how long you lived that counts. The good deeds and how happily you lived is what matters. Be with your loved ones. Love people who love you to the core. Love nature. Never be in a crowded and polluted city. That’ll destroy your life and that’s not the right place where man has to be in. Eat good food. Think good. Act good.

Some people do categorize their own lives. Till the age of 25 with friends, later with their loved one. And thus they give more importance for their friends, feeling that they would get apart soon. But does that work in life? I don’t think so. Life might go as you desire, but not every time. What if something happens to you or your loved ones before the age of 25? Then you’ll regret your whole life of not being with the one who loved you the most. Learn to treat and love everyone equally in every phases of life. Never categorize anyone. Because you may loose the one who could have loved you the most. Never take anyone for granted because that person could have understood you more like no one else. Never turn back at someone because he would have been the one who knows you well than anyone else. Only when you loose someone you’ll get you know how much he had influenced you in life. You may not even be able to live further without them. Why do you have to regret when you know well to accept? But if you think some people arent necessary and they only disturb your heart, then ignore them. And the people who console and make you happy are the people you need.

Hope these last few words of advice have put a smile on your face. Then think how beautiful it would be if your living the same way. When u feel down or shed tears next time, think how foolish it is to waste your life in grief and pain. If your sadness can be turned into happiness, do it soon. No one else would find it as a necessity. Its you the reason for both your tears and smiles. If you can shed tears, why cant you yourself put a smile on your face. These are the most simplest things a man can do in life. But when the emotions supress us, we feel like making ourselves happy is the most difficult thing to be done.

Always do aspire for the better days life is going to offer you. At the same time, be thankful as you have got another day to live and acheive. Everyday is a new door to new oppurtunities. Oppurtunities to create a better life and to be a better human. Stay happy because you never know how much time is left for you, to make your dreams come true.


“The purification required is not of untouchables but of the so-called superior castes.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-


Caste, creed and religion are some of the factors an Indian cant live without, which has been considered more important than basic necessities of life. It has been a major issue which people have been trying to find a solution for since 1500BC with the arrival of the Aryans in India- it was when the creation of Varnas, Jats and untouchables happened. The most sorrowful thing is that they were divided on the basis of their occupations-as Brahmins, Kshathriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. The lower caste people werent even given the respect that human beings deserved. They werent allowed to wear good clothes, have food that elites consumed, walk on the road were rich people were present, take water from the well which were being used by the upper-caste people and many more. Indians in the present generation are really thankful for not being born during that era, orelse they would have also had to undergo the cruel phases of life.

The worst part is that people gets divided even if they are in the same relgion. Its when the people started to give more importance to religion, Indians began to fight among themselves. Following the dissolution of the British Empire after World War II, the Indian Indpendence Act of 1947 created two new states: India, with a Hindu majority and new Muslim nation of Pakistan. So many conflicts took place and the leaders didnt know what to do. They feared about the disunity that existed among the people. They didnt know how to make the people understand the situation and fight together against the problems that Bristishers created.

It wasnt easy for our leaders to manage the people who considered torturing and killing people of other religion is way more important than bringing back peace in the nation. The biggest example is the conflict that still exist between India and Pakistan. It was then the British leaders who finally agreed that the partition was the best way to limit the bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims within India. It was decided that India would be split into two independent nations. But when the nation and its people got torn apart, it triggered riots, mass casualities and huge wave of migration. People who were extremely greedy to possess a land of their own, had to undergo numerous struggles of being killed by people of other communities, the infectious disesases that swept through refugee camps and women were raped and abducted. Many people had lost their children and their dear ones in the name of religion. Many people had lost the peace when they moved into Pakistan. Almost 2 lakh to 2 million people were dead and about 14-16 million have been displaced,travelled on foot,in bullock carts and by train.


People struggled a lot to create a partition between India and Pakistan. But what did they acheive from it? More violence, threats, riots, war,etc, leading to great enemity between the countires. Since then Indians have been victim of so many incidents- from bomb blasts to hijackings. India is always on the verge of being threatened by terrorist groups that are operated within India over the last 20 years, many of them functioning as transnational terror networks operating in or from neighboring South Asian countires such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Who protects India from all these menace are our armed forces who have been struggling in the borders, who suffered so much torture and miseries for the protection and prosperity of our own nation. They have to be vigilant all the time, expecting danger in every second of their lives. They are the heroes to whom every indians have to be thankful because its them who gaurd our land, making India a better place to live in.


Will the future relationship of the India-Pakistan be more peaceful than it ever had been? Will the soldiers be considered with more respect and love for their sacrificial service? There are so many such questions to be asked and answered. I dont think the people in india have got enough time to answer it all, since they have a lot of issues to be solved within the land itself. And regarding the relation India and Pakistan shares in future is quite uncertain, due to the hopelessness we face at the present. Mahatma Gandhi once quotedThe future depends on what you do today”, and i strongly believe in that because its those good deeds we do today, get reflected back in the future. How the present is, decides how the future is going to be. Only the broad-mindedness of citizens can make the country strong. Thus beleive in universalism, the belief that all humankind will eventually be saved.


Just imagine yourself, who has been born as a transgender. How awkward would you feel when people refer you as a ‘third gender’ or as a person who isnt even considered as a human by the society? How mentally depressing it is when they stare and mock at you? How ill-treating it is when they dont even allow you to use either of the restrooms? Yes as you figured it out, in this blog post ill be sharing some of my thoughts on the plights transgenders face in their lives. Why do we treat them so, is a question that we would have asked ourselves many a times. Its all because of the fear in-built in us since our childhood, when we were asked not to talk or be good to them. Thats where everything went wrong.

Wikipedia defines transgender people as those who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. History speaks a lot about them. Transgenders are present everywhere in the world and its not a new concept at all. But talking about them on indian aspects, their community consists of Hijras, Eunuchs, Kothis, Aravanis, Jogappas, Shiv-Shakthis etc. In Hindu mythology, the literature named Kama Shastra an ancient Hindu text, they have been referred as ‘tritiyapakriti’ or third gender. It categorizes men who desire other men as a third nature. When Lord Rama, in the epic Ramayana, was leaving to the forest upon being banished from kingdom for 14 years, he asked his followers to leave back to the city and only the hijras decided to stay with him. Thus Rama sanctions them the power to confer blessings on people on auspicious occassions like childbirth and marriage where hijras sing,dance and confer blessings. Bahuchara Matha, the Hindu Goddess, is considered as the patronage of the Hijra community in India. They also worship Lord Shiva who merges with Parvati to form ‘Ardhanari’- half woman(Parvati) and half man(Shiva).

What causes a person to be transgender?

According to sciences, 3 major factors are involved in a child’s character developement- chemical/hormonal, genetic and environmental. Brain studies have found that, when the brains of transgender people are analyzed, they almost always consistently match the brain structure of their adopted gender, not their birth sex. And the crossing of the wrong hormones at that time of developement is another cause. The last factor is environmental which is least likely to happen. Children raised in an environment with other same sex siblings, only a year apart, can still show gender nonconfirmity, even though no other siblings do.

They might observe it from their way of cross dressing, or when they feel they are more like of the other sex or when they get feelings on people of their own sex. It has been proved that transgenders have been found even in olden times. But more women were getting tranformed into men because the society denied when a man behaved like a woman. Thus they lived their entire life with suppressed emotions and griefs. While many of them are transsexual as they desire medical asssistance, for the transition from one sex to the other.

When do we feel happy about ourselves? Its when we are let to live as we wish. But is it possible for them? Are they able to live in utmost happiness and joy?

As i am living in bangalore, i have witnessed so many trangenders suffering hard to lead their lives forward. They arent given job anywhere. Everyone feels scared and move away, when they approach us. We arent even respecting them, without even giving them a consideration for being born as a human. We all know it wasnt a crime they committed or a sin they are bound to live with. Still we are following what the society murmured in our ears “Dont look at them”, “stay away from them”, “they arent good people” and many more. We grew up hearing these phrases, then how will the society turn good?

But there are few people who try to manipulate this community, by dressing up in women’s attire and asks you money. They would even start being rude at you for not giving them what they asked for. Maybe this is the reason why people are scared of them. Whereas the true transgenders are nice and good-hearted. Few people who can understand their greifs and pain is what they require the most.

Science and technology have proved us that many of the things we belived isnt a fact, but just a myth. Likewise its time for us to overcome this issue as well. Its only because they are unemployed, they get on the roads and beg for money. Orelse they also would have led a better life like us and wouldnt have disturbed people to fulfill their needs. I think then these many problems wouldnt have occured in our society and they would have been treated well with full respect.

They are also coming up with their own communities and associations through which they are seeking justice and their rights to live. Another news to be shared is about the transgender couple about to tie the knot next month in Kerala.

I would like to publish posts regarding these kind of issues which are troubling the mankind desperately. Posts on rape case and syians life talk about the sufferings of people in a whole country. While this post is for the people who are part of the minor community of Hijras in India and people alike them all over the world.

I think its time for us to stand in their shoes, and make a move thoughtfully. Consider them as one among us. I know, our society is changing. Many educational institutions are being kind enough to educate them and give them a good future.

Interact with them. Speak out in support of transgender people and transgender rights. Support the ones who expearience descrimination. Learn about policies affecting them and work for their welfare. If you cant do it alone, work with any organizations and lift their lives into happiness. Because we were created not only to lead a good life but also to turn a greiving person’s life into a better one.

As John Bunyan said “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Because we are meant to understand the differences. Try to recognize them as equal and normal part of our society and make the world a better place to reside in.

The Downtrodden Life of a Syrian

As far as we are concerned, we Syria have not changed.” -Bashar al-Assad

We all know how miserable life has been to Syrians and that they have been affected by the civil war for the last seven years. But do you know where it all began from ?

It was when the local people decided to protest after 15 school children were arrested-and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on wall. The government responded angrily and the army opened fire on the protesters and it resulted in the death of many. Likewise the country lost all its freedom and harmony. There were many supporting the Syrian president Bashar-al Assad, while many against him and another group called-the ‘Islamic State’.

This particular silly reason which could have been solved by the government itself, has now taken the whole country into devastation. But amidst of all these wretched instances, our complete concern is about the ill-fated Syrians. Just think how dreadful their lives have turned into. Millions of them have had to escape from their homes, in search of a safer place to live in. According to the UN reports, almost 5 million people have moved to other countries and 6 million more people are safe elsewhere in Syria. While around 3,54,000 people have lost their lives, excluding the missing ones.

Children can no longer go to schools, as their schools have been destroyed to the hilt. And when they move into other countires in search of protection, they are termed as ‘refugees’,who are considered as soul-less creatures. They have been smuggled on overloaded boats, being shot down by the Turkish army and now living in parks and eating out of garbage cans in Europe. No country has been enough kind-hearted to bring them back into tranquillity.

The Syrians went through a lot. Many were tortured, put to death, still the countries tend to fight, inconsiderate about the helpless citizens of its own. The Syrian president Assad tortured and killed the school students, before their bodies were eventually returned to their parents. Many were gassed and killed without any reason.

Admist of all these catastrophes, the ‘Syrians’-are the only factor left unnoticed. Why does the entire world acts so selfish and are being so heartless towards them ? Why are they being tossed down into the harsh realities of life ? Why are they being severely oppressed to face every brutalities and destitution ? All these ‘why’s’ are directed towards us because its our responsibility to help the deprived and give them the hope to live further. Donate or set up a fundraiser to help children in Syria because $4 can bring solar light to a refugee living in an unsafe area, $10 can provide food for a refugee child for a week or $14 can give a child a safe place to learn and play. Many people do even think of sponsoring a refugee child, which is always the most greatest deed one can ever do in his life.

Many people are trying their best to save them, whereas on the other side there are people who arent able to stretch out their saving hands to the needy. Still if you can donate atleast a single penny for them, that means a lot. Or a single prayer to God would create wonders. Because the life you are living right now is a dream for many people.


Wayanad is a district in the north-east of Kerala state, India with headquarters at the town of Kalpetta. Its set high on the Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700m to 2100m. The district is 3.79% urbanised, and there are many indigenous tribals in this area.

According to archeological evidence, the Wayanad forests have been inhabited for more than 3000 years. Historians veiw that human settlement existed in these parts at least ten centuries before Christ. Much evidence of New Stone Age civilisation can be seen in the hills throughout the present day wayanad district. The Edakkal caves have 6000 year old rock engravings from the Neolithic age.

There are a lot of trekking points in this district. Chembra Peak (2100m) is the highest peak in the district having a heart-shaped lake at the top of the peak.

Other attractions are:

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary

Pookode Lake:

Kuruva islands:

Coffee plantations:

Soochipara and Meenmutty Waterfalls:

Banasura sagar dam: